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Entrepreneur and Business Podcasts


The best business podcasts and entrepreneur podcasts are always looking for select knowledgeable guests with expertise in various areas and industries. If you’re an entrepreneur and are thinking about being a podcast guest, consider both organic and paid outreach. Hone in your secret sauce to success and make a list of the best business podcasts that you already listen to. There are many podcast guest booking services out there, both free and paid.

A great, free option is Podcast Guests. You can sign up for a free account and subscribe to their newsletter. Podcast Guests does an excellent job of sending out a list of podcasts that you can pitch yourself to. They feature a wide array of podcasts. The categories I pay the most attention to are business podcasts and entrepreneur podcasts. Another fantastic option is a paid service called Speak on Podcasts. Speak on Podcasts works with you to hone in your message and brand. They then pitch you to various podcasts that fit your brand and messaging.

I love being a guest on business podcasts! I personally listen to several entrepreneur podcasts including some of my favorites like Tim FerrissNPR’s How I Built This and the Art of Charm and just find so much value in them. Even as a podcast guest, there’s so much to learn from the best business podcasts, and I appreciate every opportunity to participate.

​Adding Value As A Podcast Guest


I have been on many podcasts and my favorite messages to share reflect on my entrepreneurial journey such as:

  • Life and Business Lessons

  • Anecdotes

  • Interesting tactics 

  • And of course actionable knowledge

These are just some of the topics I can talk on and is how I strive to provide value as a podcast guest. Utilizing my social media reach is a great way to share the episode and clips with my audience.

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If you’re interested in booking Lisa as a podcast guest for your show, whether its an entrepreneur podcast, business podcast or another genre, please get in touch! Lisa always enjoys sharing helpful insights and experiences from her business journey and time with pageantry.

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