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"The solutions we create and ways we pivot are truly endless and when I get to be part of a collaborative business article, I enjoy how much I get to learn in the process as well."

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Starting in 2014, I had the wonderful opportunity to start contributing business articles as a business writer to Forbes Magazine. Since then, I have authored, contributed or co-authored countless business articles in numerous entrepreneur magazines and publications, from Forbes to Inc. Magazine, Business Insider and many others. 

My emphasis as a writer is to provide actionable content and business tips. I draw from my experience as a serial entrepreneur and focus on advice that I wish I had known earlier in my journey. One of my favorite options is contributing to articles alongside other entrepreneurs. 

Business Articles


Business Insider

Fast Company


Los Angeles Times

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Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Las Vegas Sun

Rolling Stones

Grit Daily


Asian Journal

MTV News


Mansion Global

How to get your business articles published

There are so many opportunities, especially now that content is digital, to bring your advice to others.

Previously, to break in with the major print publications as a business writer, there was a much longer path involved. In today’s modern day and age, digital consumption is at an all-time high, and is only growing. As a result, business and entrepreneur magazines and publications, large and small, need a digital presence and digital content. That’s where you can come in to help as a business writer. With the large demand for digital content, there are far more opportunities to write for a major publication and have your advice reach a lot of eyeballs.

One of the best ways to catch the attention of editors for the major publications is to have a digital presence. Share actionable tips and knowledge on your social media channels. Often, editors and publishers are very active in places like Twitter, on blogs and sites like Medium. If you’re consistently providing great content, it can catch the attention of those who are the gatekeepers for these major publications and business articles.

From my work as a business writer, I have been able to accept opportunities to be a business speaker and motivational speaker. Continue to build up your work and portfolio. Keep putting out great, helpful content and you’ll have opportunities to reach even more people.

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