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Lisa Song Sutton shares the importance of entrepreneurship, how to build businesses and relationships, her personal opinions and best practices through her numerous TV appearances and interviews. 

Lisa Song Sutton TV Appearances and Interviews

Video and TV appearances are truly one of the best mediums to share knowledge. I enjoy talking about the importance of entrepreneurship, sharing best practices, my thoughts on current events and how to build business relationships.


Ready to book Lisa for a video or TV Appearance? 

Lisa Shares her Advice on How to Get Booked for Video and TV Appearances

There are several ways to get booked for video and TV appearances. I’m often approached by producers based on my social media content. I strive to provide actionable tips, words of encouragement and business advice daily on my social media. Producers, anchors and others in the television world are often on social media looking for great guests who can provide value to their audiences.

I love being able to share about the importance of entrepreneurship and how to build business relationships. I have fielded and managed inbounds myself and have also had help from PR firms.

Tips for being prepared for interviews and a great recording

  • If you’re able, utilizing a PR firm can be invaluable when it comes to managing inbounds and also in their ability to conduct outreach for you. Many times, PR firms have excellent relationships with local and national media outlets that will accept pitches from them.

  • Be available and be responsive to inbounds for TV appearances. Often times, networks and shows are on a tight time schedule and have to book quickly. Opportunities can sometimes come up last minute, so be prepared. I used to have to be available to hair/makeup and travel time to a studio for filming.

  • In today’s post-Covid era, it’s important to be hair/makeup ready and have a strong internet connection. There will be many opportunities for you to appear remotely, not in studio, via Zoom, Skype or another video teleconferencing and recording platform. You can simply use your home computer or laptop.

  • Make sure you have great lighting, face a window if you don’t, and utilize a microphone for good sound.

  • Once you have been able to build up several appearances, gather all of those online links into one place.

  • One of the best ways to set yourself apart as an authority is to encourage potential clients, business partners, etc. to search for these videos. Example, Lisa Song Sutton TV Appearances. As a result, you can truly showcase your ability to share knowledge and build business relationships through these types of media appearances.

I love sharing the importance of entrepreneurship and how to build business relationships. TV appearances have been a wonderful medium through which I can share actionable knowledge, tips and advice from my experience as an entrepreneur.

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