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Lisa Song Sutton Speaker and Emcee

Lisa Song Sutton is a highly experienced and much sought after motivational business speaker. Lisa Song Sutton's speaking and emcee skills have encompassed everything from charity events for the Burn Foundation and USO to speaking at UNLV and the Global Crowdfunding Conference. Find out more about Lisa Song Sutton's speaking engagements and book her through Premiere Speakers Bureau. 


Lisa motivates and educates her audience to be able to find success in their own paths. As a successful business woman and leading entrepreneur with an extensive business portfolio, Lisa is able to share lessons learned, challenges one may encounter, and lend her overall expertise as a business speaker. Lisa's roundtables inspire and motivate. Her presentations contain actionable tips that captivate audiences and leave all attendees motivated.

Emcee/Host For Organizations


  • Nevada State College

  • University of Arizona

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Baylor University

  • California State University, Long Beach

  • California State University, Dominguez Hills

  • Asian Community Development Council

  • Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Gala

  • InVegas Awards

  • Global Crowdfunding Awards

  • Burn Foundation Annual Firefighter Bachelor Auction

  • GoodWill Blue Carpet

  • Veterans Association 5k

  • Shade Tree Hero 5k

  • USO 5k

  • Celebrando

  • Young Entrepreneurs Council

  • Monster Products Gala (CES)

  • Nevada SPCA

  • Leaders in Training

  • Connect a Kid

  • Sothebys International Realty

  • Youngry

  • BOMA International, Orange County

  • Asian Real Estate Association of America

  • United States of America Pageant

  • Miss Texas

  • Miss Asian North America

  • Miss Nevada

  • Miss Asian Las Vegas 

  • Mrs New York



  • Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)

  • OCA Las Vegas

  • Global Crowdfunding Convention

  • Crowd Converge

“Lisa Song Sutton is a dynamic speaker and as a serial entrepreneur she was able to share knowledge on the importance of relationship building, bootstrapping while working full time and learning how to engage your local government in support of small businesses. Our organization of 140+ small business consultants appreciated the presentation and takeaways to provide assistance to the many small businesses we work with across the Commonwealth.”


- Sonya Smith, associate state director Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center

Lisa Song Sutton | Top Motivational Business Speaker

I’m often asked how one can become a motivational speaker. My journey as a motivational business speaker truly happened by accident. As my businesses grew, I was sometimes asked to share my business journey with local schools and community groups. So, periodically I would speak at a school graduation or a professional women’s group, but it wasn’t until I became Miss Las Vegas and then Miss Nevada that my time speaking on-camera and in front of audiences really multiplied. 

I did nearly 500 community appearances as a titleholder and the majority of those appearances was talking in front of kids and our community. Since then I have shared my journey of business experiences and community engagement all over the world. From Pittsburgh to Dubai, I have been blessed to share from a stage with other top motivational business speakers.

How to become an Emcee and Business Speaker

One great way to break into speaking is to volunteer or work as an Emcee. You can emcee for numerous types of events, from local charity functions to graduations to pageants. I have emceed countless charity functions throughout the years and they are such a great place to gain experience while also helping your community.

If you’re just starting out, volunteer everywhere that you can. When I was Miss Las Vegas and then Miss Nevada, I spoke everywhere for free. I volunteered my time to share my knowledge and experience with others. Once you have several of these types of presentations under your belt, gather all the video that you have from these engagements. You can then create a reel or deck that showcases your message. That reel or deck can be submitted to potential speaking opportunities, conferences and of course even to speakers bureaus.

Speakers Bureau

If you’re looking for ways to ramp up your speaking opportunities, I highly recommend considering joining a professional speakers bureau. Working with a reputable speakers bureau allows you to concentrate on your messaging and presentation, while your agent at the speakers bureau handles the heavy lifting of rate negotiations and scheduling. 

Lisa Song Sutton business speaker close up


Learn more about Lisa's speaking engagements and bookings through her management at Premiere Speakers Bureau.

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